Locating specific talent

Focusing on relationships not placements

If you need an industry person, we take the time to find out the technical details of what you need. If you are open to great candidates from other walks of business, many of our best placements have changed industries

We help great candidates further their careers, and we help great clients improve their organizations.


Bode Search Group, LLC uses a wide variety of both active and passive search techniques to locate talent. We utilize the latest and most effective software to make our positions visible, but we also believe in detail oriented passive searches as an effective means of finding candidates with the optimal blend of skills and experience.

Results Oriented

We work to help your business grow by providing strong candidate options.  We also work to help our candidates make progress in their career paths. Every business is only as effective as its personnel, and finding great options for our clients is a rewarding experience.


With each of our openings, we know that there is urgency to find candidates promptly.  We make it a true priority to produce candidates in an expedient manner.  An empty sales opening is a lack in productivity for an organization, and we treat each of our openings as a priority with this in mind.


Communication is key: we continually review and check in with our clients on a regular basis and adjust our processes to more effectively assist them. We remain committed to changing our approach as a particular search calls for it.

How We Work


Location Specific Talent

First and foremost, we are a search firm. Some recruiters will put more of an emphasis into posting positions (active searches), while we believe passive searches, (reaching out to specific individuals) is necessary to provide additional quality in a spectrum of submitted candidates.

Advanced Position Posting Capability

We are fortunate to have state of the art position/job posting capability, thanks to our unique technology partners.  Our job postings are revised and reviewed continually both for candidate quality and for response rates. We can help make your position posting more visible and make recommendations on how to present the opening to obtain better results.

International Recruiting Services

By developing relationships with effective search partners throughout the world, we can help find talent in a variety of countries. Our search range currently includes the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We are actively looking to expand our search range to Europe, Asia, and beyond.

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