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Satisfied customers are our greatest asset:

Helping great candidates improve their careers, and helping great clients improve their organizations.
Our reputation is only as strong as the performance of the candidates we place, so we make every effort to find the very best.


Bode Search Group, LLC uses a wide variety of both active and passive search techniques to locate talent. We utilize the latest and most effective software to make our positions visible, but we also believe in detail oriented passive searches as an effective means of finding candidates with the optimal blend of skills and experience.

Results Oriented

We work to help your business grow by providing strong candidate options.  We also work to help our candidates make progress in their career paths. Every business is only as effective as its personnel, and finding great options for our clients is a rewarding experience.


With each of our openings, we know that there is high urgency to find good candidates promptly.  We make it a true priority to produce candidates in an expedient manner. An empty sales openings is a lack in productivity for an organization, and we treat each of our openings as a priority with this in mind.


Communication is key: we continually review and check in with our clients on a regular basis and adjust our processes to more effectively assist them. We remain committed to changing our approach as a particular search calls for it.

Who is Bode Search Group

Bode Search Group, LLC was founded in 2014 by John Bode, Managing Member.  We utilize the latest search techniques (both active and passive searches) to locate candidates with a variety of desired skill sets. We work with  a “continuous improvement” philosophy where we learn from each and every experience on a given search, and adjust our methods to better serve the specific hiring manager involved.  Our search contractors learn in depth details of their client’s company atmosphere and values.  This helps them more effectively find candidates with not only a skill and experience fit, but also a cultural fit.  Bode Search Group looks at each candidate, client, and position openings as a unique opportunity to serve every party involved. If done properly, recruiting is a win-win for everyone, and this is our goal with every placement.

Bode Search Group


John Bode

Managing Member

John Bode founded Bode Search Group, LLC in May of 2014. John started his career with Marlin Business Services, a financial services company. John worked for Marlin for 12 years, beginning as an Account Executive in sales, later working as an Assistant Manager, and finished his time with Marlin as the Sales Director leading the Chicago Division team for five years.  John is very fortunate to have extensive sales and sales management experience which helps him be more effective at Bode Search Group.  John has always had a passion for sales, sales management, and entrepreneurship.  He has found a career he truly loves with Bode Search Group, where he can help serve candidates and clients to help them improve their careers and organizations.  In his personal time, John enjoys being active in Colorado, hiking, snowboarding, travel, restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.

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Keith Sharp

Search Contractor

Keith Sharp joined Bode Search group in early 2014, bringing with him over 10 years in sales and a background in business management. He enjoys working with people and finds nothing more satisfying than helping candidates further their career and employers improve their workforce. With each opening, Keith strives to locate the strongest candidates with the ideal mix of skill and experience to fit the employer’s needs. He understands the amount of trust and responsibility given to him and in exchange promises the best in client care and satisfaction. In his personal time, Keith enjoys playing and coaching lacrosse, hiking, travel, playing poker and spending time with family and friends.

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We are growing, and looking for search contractors to add to our team, both here in the US and internationally, please contact us today.

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